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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is D&B Driving Academy located?

D&B Driving Academy office and classroom are located at 92 Caplan Avenue within the SuiteWorks Business Centres.

How does Ontario’s Graduated Licencing Work? What is the difference between a G1, G2 and G license?

The graduated licencing system in the province of Ontario lets new drivers build their skills over three stages of licencing: G1, G2 and G. Proceeding through the graduated licencing system can take up to 24 months. Graduates of D&B Driving Academy’s MTO approved Beginner Driver Education Program may be eligible to completed all levels of the licencing in as little as 20 months. For more information on obtaining a driver’s licence in Ontario or for a more detailed explanation of the differences between classes of licences please visit:

Where can I get my Ontario driver’s licence?

All driver’s licence testing can be completed at any Ontario Drive Test centre location.

Is the Beginner Driver Education Program Ministry Approved?

Yes, the Beginner Driver Education Program that we offer here at D&B Driving Academy is an MTO approved curriculum.

How many hours in total are involved in the Beginner Driver Education Program?

In total, your Beginner Driver Education Program is 40 hours in length. The Beginner Driver Education Program consists of 20 hours of classroom instruction, 10 hours of independent study (all done in a workbook provided) and 10 hours of in-car practical training.

How long does it take to complete the entire Beginner Driver Education Program?

As an MTO requirement, all 40 hours of your Beginner Driver Education Program must be completed within 1 year of the start date of your in-classroom instruction.

Will I qualify for a discount on my auto insurance?

D&B Driving Academy is an MTO-Approved Beginner Driver Education Course provider, and graduates of the program with a Driver’s Licence History maybe eligible for an insurance discount. We recommend that you contact your insurance provided for further information.

When will I receive my Beginner Driver Education Certification?

Two weeks after successfully completing your BDE program, you may purchase a Driver’s Licence History for $12.00 from the Service Ontario office. This will show your registered driver education course completion at the bottom of the form. This is required for insurance rate discounts, if applicable. You will need to provide your Driver’s Licence to obtain your Driver’s Licence History (DLH). Who will be my instructor?

Do they have all of their credentials?

All of the teaching staff at D&B Driving Academy, both in-class and in-vehicle, are MTO certified instructors with experience in teaching beginner drivers.

What is the instructor student ratio in the vehicle during an in-vehicle lesson?

At D&B Driving Academy it is important to us that you get the most out of your in-vehicle lessons, this is why the instructor student ratio in-vehicle is 1:1. All in-vehicle lessons are private and individually geared toward your personal driving needs and skill set.

Who schedules my in-vehicle lessons?

You can make arrangements for your scheduled in-vehicle lessons with your assigned driving instructor.

How do I cancel an in-vehicle lesson?

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice before cancelling an in-car lesson by informing your in-vehicle instructor or calling the office at 705-721-9686. Students that cancel a lesson without giving sufficient notice will be charged a $40 cancellation fee which must be paid before the next scheduled in-vehicle lesson or before receipt of a Certificate of Completion, as applicable.

Where do I get picked up for my driving lesson?

Pick-up and drop-off may be at home, school, or another mutually agreed on public location within Barrie city limits.

What if I miss an in-class lesson?

To qualify as a graduate and to obtain your Driver’s Licence History, it is important to complete all 20 hours of your in-classroom training. If you miss a scheduled in-class session due to illness or emergency, you must arrange to make-up the missed session by calling the office at 705-721-9686.

What should I bring to the first day of class?

To make the most of your in-class course sessions, it is advised that you come equipt with appropriate note-taking supplies (paper and something to write with). Be sure to have your licence or temporary permit with you as well as your own copy of the MTO Driver’s Handbook.

Is manual transmission available?

At this present time D&B Driving Academy only offers in-vehicle lessons in automatic transmission.

When should I plan to book my road test?

It is recommended that you plan to book your road test (G1 exit exam) for no earlier than 2 weeks after having completed your full beginner driver education program to allow time for your program certification to be completed with the Ministry of Transportation.

Who schedules the appointment for my road test?

After completing your training program, you are responsible for making arrangements for your road test with any one of the province’s DriveTest locations If you plan to make arrangements to use your instructors car for your road test, then D&B Driving Academy will arrange to set up your road test for you.